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New Family Dynasty

New Family Dynasty

By Ron Allen




The U.S. Open win by DRF was more than just a major victory for one long time polo family. Two members of the winning team are cousins, Mariano and Agustin Obregon. They have been working their way to the top for a long time. Like many young players they have aspirations to perhaps become a ten-goal player one day. Their playing budget doesn’t allow for high stakes $100,000 horses or the latest clone to hit the polo field.


Back in the day their fathers played medium goal polo and the boys grew up mucking stalls, playing in family practice games. Everyone helped each other out whether it was grooming for another brother or lending a helping hand at feeding time. All the while creating a very special bond that would one day create a reward like none other in polo…winning the U.S. Open.


All they ever needed was a break. Just a chance to show off their riding and hitting skills at a higher level, on a better team where they could get the best out of the horses they rode. That one chance where they could take on a Cambiaso or Facundo and make impressive plays on both sides of the ball.


That chance became a reality in the 2018 Open and with support from the Zenni family the entire Obregon family could proudly take the stage and bask in the glory of a game that will never be forgotten by those who witnessed it. And, as added bonus Marianos beloved horse ‘Millionaria’ was better than every other horse on the field on that day. Congratulations!