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BBQ Stating the Obvious

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Following is a transcript of what the AAP released about their Conference for Improvement of the Sport. Unsure about what Argentinians think but pretty sure the first Congress of Discipline if in USA would seem like an excellent excuse for an expensive slap up BBQ. Ah those Argies know how to live  don't they!


After the great barbecue shared by all those present and under a great call, was held on Friday 15/9 at the Alfredo Lalor de Pilar Sede, the First Congress of Polo Discipline, presented by Uruguay River Insurance and convened by the Subcommittee chaired by Dr. Rafael Cúneo Libarona.
(Fotos: Matías Callejo).

The moderator was the well-known ESPN journalist, Gustavo Sgalla. After a brief welcome speech, he gave way to the first speakers, referees Esteban Ferrari and Juan José Díaz Alberdi, who had a long history in polo refereeing.

After that, the players of High Handicap present, the Gonzalo brothers and Facundo Pieres, Eduardo Heguy and Eduardo Novillo Astrada, were given place, who answered the questions and gave their point of view on the discipline and the values ​​in the pole.

Finally, Rafael Cúneo Libarona presented the work being done by the subcommittee he chairs, his fundamental premises ("The Judge is always right" and "Educate is Teach"), objectives and proposals. (Strengthen the authority of the referee and the captains of the new forms of sanction -probation, abbreviated summaries, among others-).

After the presentation of Cúneo, much applauded by those present, closed the president of the AAP, Eduardo Novillo Astrada, thanking the great call and interest in this new idea of ​​the Argentine Polo Association.