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Stop Giving Away Your Clubs Money

  • Uploaded by Nicky Phillips Secretary Serpentina PC
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I read with interest all John Williams articles here and agree we are all misguidedly thinking the world of online notices and emails is all pretty harmless. But after years of working in online marketing I dont think he goes far enough with his warnings. All of us have facebook and youtube accounts and use google right well the damage is already done. Particularly Facebook. Are you all aware that you are just feeding facebook, google, twitter, linked in etc., revenue that is rightfully your clubs?

Everytime you add a friend or like something or post a story or update anything you are just giving away money to facebook and the rest and lining their pockets for them. See all those ads sent to you on facebook well they are making a fortune out of your hard work and knowledge.

We opted out of Facebook once I showed our club what facebook were doing and how much they were making out of us that we could be making for our club instead of facebook. There are a few good places you can use that state that dont track you and even better there are some that help your club make money.

We think is a great alternative to facebook. It is set up just like facebook but you get the revenue you attract for your club. It works with a point system every member or page you introduce can collect and they collectively add to your clubs points which then are turned in to real Advertising dollars for our club. Its only for polo so its a real community working to help build the funds of each other for each other. Its a polo community website made by polo people for polo so there are no 3rd parties dipping into the coffers.


There is also which is also free to join and once your club site joins they find advertisements for your clubs website. They take a commission for finding the ads but thats better than us doing it ourselves and having no ads.

Whether you join these other sites or not make sure you GET YOUR CLUB OFF FACEBOOK!